What is LFG-Tool?

LFG-Tool is a bot that revolutionizes group search for large communities.
Once set up, the bot generates an embedded message from the user's search request, as long as that user is in one of the voice channels of the server. 
This channel is automatically added to the message. 

No more tedious creation of invites or channel links. 

In addition, it offers a dynamic voice channel feature and moderation options for users. 

Server owners are provided with a detailed voice action log upon setup. 

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LFG messages processed: 199 498 | Dynamic voice channels created: 76 536

Counting since 8. April 2024


We try to keep the availability as close to 100% as possible. Nevertheless, no one has a right to demand this availability.
We also reserve the right to shut down the bot at any time. In this case, all stored data would of course be deleted. (Don't worry, thats not planned!)

Terms of Service

By inviting LFG-Tool Bot to your discord server you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted these terms.

The developer is not responsible for content that the bot posts.
The bot simply repeats the input of the searching user. The monitoring of the content is the responsibility of the server owners and their team.

Message Data

Your message data will only be tracked and processed in the set up LFG channel. No message data gets stored outside the usual Discord caching. When the bot gets kicked from a server all data gets deleted.


Privacy and data protection are a big issue in today's world.
Therefore, LFG-Tool also processes only the information that is really needed.
No personal data of users is stored in any way.
Only the data needed for configuration and operation are stored.
This includes server IDs, channel IDs and information for visual customization.